phoebe Miller

Founder & Teacher

At first glance, you might see Phoebe as the girl next door. Go deeper and meet a woman who has lived several lives within this lifetime. The stories she will share with you, both on and off the mat, are awe-inspiring tales of strength, resilience, grace, hope, and gratitude.

Phoebe finds gratitude in the magical, simple, and even the tragic moments in life. She sees that all of these are gifts from the universe to guide us in the discovering of our deepest treasures and desires.

Some have said that Phoebe leads a life full of alchemy, creating something out of nothing, but she believes we all have this power. Phoebe teaches that if we take time to step back, look a little closer at our roadmaps, observe our interconnectedness, and dig a little deeper, we all have the power to create a magical life.


Samantha fulton

Senior Teacher

Samantha has been on a continuous journey, both physical and spiritual, since she was old enough to remember. After she graduated college with her masters in physical therapy, Samantha spent the first few years of her career working for a traveling medical company. She got to work in and live in different locations throughout the states. This job scenario enabled her to experience different ways of life, from the medical field, to eating and movement habits, to yoga communities, to family and societal cultures. Samantha returned to her roots in the Hudson valley when she wanted a family of her own. She is now a mother of 2, wife, pediatric physical therapist, yoga student and teacher, and an ongoing spiritual seeker.


Corinna ricard-farzan

senior teacher

Corinna at 17, had moved 15 times. While each move was painful and shook her little life right up, time has given Corinna the space to see that continual uprooting forced her to unearth and tap into an inner resilience. The confidence that’s resulted has helped her to walk forward in life with more certainty that “as you start to walk out on the way, the way appears” (Rumi). As far as yoga is concerned, Corinna was first introduced as a child when her mom taught her downward facing dog, child’s pose and the importance of self-reflection. In 2011, seeking to eliminate the severely negative thought patterns and subsequent stress she’d been living with, her regular practice was born.

Having experienced the powerful transformation invoked by both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, Corinna felt compelled to dive deeper. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2014 at the Yoga House in Kingston, NY and began teaching right away. She has since earned her 500-hour certification from Satya Yoga Center and continues to immerse herself in the practice. While reminding you to treat your body right – if you can’t breathe or smile while holding a pose then back off – Corinna’s classes are meant to challenge you into surprising yourself and to surprise you into shedding the fear of trying something new.