Mvt 109: a new movement

A new movement that holds space for intentional freedom of play between movement and stillness to manifest

the visions and vibrations we want for our world.

Photo by  Ahmad Odeh  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

The 109th bead on Buddhist Mala prayer beads is a pause of silence, gratitude, and acknowledgment. It is similar to the Biblical term, Selah, which placed at the end of a passage acts as a pause of Amen but where Amen is an ending, Selah is a transitional pause of introspection, rumination, and meditation. In ballet, there is the act of reverence. Reverence does more than signal the end of class or the end of a performance, it is the acknowledgment of the tradition of the art of ballet, the lineage of teachers that stands before us as our teacher, and a moment of gratitude for all who have participated. There exists a term for a pause of great meaning in philosophies, theologies, and disciplines in all walks of life. And in many cases, this pause is part of a ceremony or habit wherein practitioners engage in this pause with regularity. I do not have the luxury of this imposition of practice

-excerpt from the website

What if we could change our vibration in our physical bodies to perceive a new world of possibilities and receive a new kind of healing for ourselves and the world beyond?

We play between movement and stillness. Vibration and pause. Action and reverence. All to arrive to a place of release to reveal a healing in our internal world and observe how that affects our external world.

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What people are saying about the movement:

“We are still glowing from last night! I am so honored that you've taken these teachings, found them valuable, put your unique spin on them and made them your own. You structured things in a simple, safe way that made it possible for everyone to enter and explore an area of movement freedom and expression that many don't know how to access.on their own. We also had a ton of fun and I got a big vision download at the end! “

-Elizabeth Andes-Bell, teacher/founder of Embodied Soul

“A Soulful yoga inspired movement class that can help people clarify their intentions which in turn will change their lives.

A nOMad who has found a home within herself. An Awakening soul, when you called forth your prayers there was no division between you and the prayer The Mother calls this “aspiration”. A vibration, a certainty, a movement that is not asking for anything in return, a movement comes from and that is the expression of the Divine.”

-Bruce Bell, teacher/founder of Embodied Soul

“Thank you for this explorative way to move, TO FEEL. It’s beautiful and therapeutic”

-student at Barre, Body & Soul

“I come to explore and move through my body. I love that each class brings up new experiences for me. It has become a movement meditation and I enjoy Phoebe’s gentle formation and guidance throughout the class.”

-Jen Eyring, 300 hr graduate of nOMad’s YTT

“This class makes you feel free in movement, uninhibited - You leave feeling calm, happy, and peaceful. The music is magical! Grateful for Phoebe.”

-Jan Saffioti, student at Barre, Body & Soul

“Free flowing movement with Phoebe was awesome! Felt my inner peace”

-student at Barre, Body, and Soul

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