Some of our nOMad Teachers from our 300 Hour YTT 2017


emily rose

Beacon Yoga teacher

Emily is a student and teacher, of yoga in the Hudson Valley of New York. She comes to yoga with a mindful and holistic focus. Upon beginning her practice more than 10 years ago, she immediately responded to the power of yoga to unite the body, mind and spirit, leaving her feeling physically and mentally at peace. Emily’s focus is to help students experience the benefits of yoga through a creative vinyasa flow and meditative approach, which clears the mind and paves the way for inner awareness and spiritual calm. She is particularly passionate about the ability of yoga to help people living with serious illness, depression or addiction, and focuses her efforts on providing a compassion-centered, mindful yoga practice to people facing these challenges. Teaching yoga is her way to help others achieve the physical strength and inner peace that she has found from her practice. It is the healing spiritual essence of yoga that she wishes to share with her students. Learn more about Emily. 


erin bedenBaugh

Beacon yoga teacher

Erin’s teaching style has been described as thorough, confident, inspiring and compassionate.  She utilizes  the philosophical teachings of the ancient practice to guide students to stay mindfully present in their asana practice, and encourages taking this practice out into everyday life.  She has a strong understanding of and love for anatomy, and places a strong emphasis on the importance of safe alignment before moving deeper in any pose.  She asserts that how a student feels in a posture is more important than finding the fullest expression of a pose.  With a deep respect for the differences between each student, she is able to hold space for all bodies, and encourages students to observe themselves in their practice with playful curiosity and without judgment.

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Liz KENt

Liz discovered yoga in her early 20s and didn’t particularly care for it. However, something kept pulling her back to the practice and over the years yoga became the main mode for destressing and relaxing in her life. Interested in learning more, Liz embarked on her teaching journey in 2016 and is now a RYT-500 completing her latest training through nOMad always at OM. As an Army brat and member of the military, Liz has found the practice of yoga to be beneficial not only to herself, but to other service members as it provides a way to center oneself and give life a bit more focus. She hopes to be able to share the gifts of yoga with others through her teaching. Liz’s main focus in her teaching is merging breath with movement and finding stillness in this busy world. Liz introduced West Point to nOMad for a 200 hour YTT for Cadets and Veterans.