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500 Hr nOMad Teacher & Co-Founder of TRIBE 

Hudson Valley Teacher: Pavonine, Riverstone Yoga, Beacon Yoga

What door brought you to your yoga journey? 

Dhyana, meditation, is what pulled me into this path.  I now believe that all life is yoga – that all beings all have these tools residing within ourselves; it is, to what decibel the volume is tuned to, at a particular time.  This practice first looked very formal, practiced rigidly during a time when my life was unmanageable, and I needed this then. Now it transforms from day to day with what my body, mind, soul needs during that time; it can look like a “love/kindness” meditation, yoga Nidra, sound repetitions, movement – running, hiking, kayaking, cycling, DANCING alone…This has become part of my Dharma, purpose, in life – to guide others to their connection with their body-breath-mind.…

What style or population do you feel pulled to teach? 

Military, duh!?! I love my TRIBE! Myself, Phoebe and a few other nOMad teachers co-created with nOMad’s mentorship a non-profit organization, TRIBE to bring the tools of yoga, meditation/mindfulness to active duty military, their families and veterans…check out my conversation with Phoebe, episode #7 on “nOMad’s The Space In Between”

Words that inspire you:

Satya (truthfulness). Serve. Joy. L-O-V-E.



300 nOMad Teacher

Hudson Valley Teacher: Namastesis, Beacon Yoga, & Good Karma

What door brought you to your yoga journey? 

What brought me to yoga was the physical practice, I had always enjoyed moving my body and had been very active since childhood.  I'd been reading about the health benefits of yoga in the “fitness world” and was really curious. I stayed for the off-the-mat benefits, noticing quickly that I generally felt more at ease, and was less reactive to daily stressors.

What style or population do you feel pulled to teach? 

I love getting creative with my sequences, especially in my vinyasa classes.  I like to bring in movements and shapes that I’ve explored at home or that I’ve learned from my coach at my gym, and build a sequences around them.  To some extent I can do this in my chair and gentle classes as well. What I really enjoy about those classes, however, is their accessibility. I get to guide students who might feel that yoga is too challenging, for whatever reason, and help them to discover that yoga is for them too.  It’s exciting to help students in all of my classes improve their overall body awareness and be able to move better both on and off the mat. It’s also a beautiful thing to help students to slow down, be more present, and connect more deeply to their true authentic selves.   

Teaching Must Haves:

Music: A Beautiful Chorus

Book: A Life worth Worth Breathing, Max Strom



300 hr nOMad Teacher

Hudson Valley Teacher: Beacon Yoga, CoSM, & Hudson Valley Healing

What door brought you to your yoga journey? 

The physical practice is what brought me in, but the clarity of mind is what keeps me here. I fell in love with how empowered I felt in arm balances and other strong poses.

What style or population do you feel pulled to teach? 

I feel pulled to teach gentle, trauma sensitive yoga. There is a big emphasis on creating body awareness, and having agency over yourself and practice. Gentle yoga is a great way “in” for people who think they can’t do yoga. Learn more about Emily. 

Teaching Must Haves:

Music: Lowercase Noises & Carlos Nakai

Book: Radiance Sutras



300 Hr nOMad Teacher

What door brought you to your yoga journey?

I was initially drawn to the physical practice of yoga as I have always enjoyed moving my body in new ways. My first yoga class I attended I remember feeling so vulnerable and like I did not fit in,  but I remember at the end of class having a large emotionally-charged feeling after-I knew it was a practice I wanted to learn more about.

What style or population do you feel pulled to teach?

I find myself gravitating to others that are in vulnerable moments that I remember being in myself: beginners to yoga, youth, military families and mothers. Yoga has been a game-changer in how I perceive myself and the world around me. I hope to teach and give opportunities for self discovery and confidence to these populations through the teachings of yoga. Take an online class with Jen

Words that inspire:

“If not now, when?”

Moon Yoga 1.jpg


200 hr nOMad Teacher

Hudson Valley Teacher: Riverstone Yoga

What door brought you to your yoga journey? 

I started doing yoga to connect more with my breath. Most of my life I have dealt with anxiety and anger issues. Yoga is the first place I started to feel true peace, calm and ease. While it did and continues to do so much for my mind it was amazing what it did for my body and life in general. Yoga made me feel more “me.” 

When was the moment you realized you wanted to teach?

I realized I wanted to teach and go deeper in my practice when I experienced the power of yoga and the effect it has on people and the goodness it trickles into the world. I really believe if we all did more yoga, breath work, and meditation, the world would be a much better, and more peaceful place.

What does your practice look like?

Daily Journaling, meditation, and reading. 

Monthly intention setting and energy clearing. 

Yoga, dance, gym, (any type of movement) everyday!

Celebrate and adventure as much as I can.

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