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Mantras & Mudras

Join nOMad senior teachers Corinna and Samantha for a special night of mantra, mudra, and meditation. The word mantra translates to “mind-tool”, and the practice of chanting is used as just that- a tool to steady the mind to prepare for meditation. As David Newman suggests, mantra is used as “a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts and connecting to the moment through sound.” The word mudra means “seal” or “mark”, and the mudra practice uses hand postures or gestures as another tool to focus the mind and direct energy. A handful of different mantras/mudras and their meanings will be offered, followed by an experiential period of chanting and meditation. Accompanied by the soothing sound of the harmonium, we will explore the power of voice, vibration, and the Sanskrit language. Come to join in or simply sit and listen. All are welcome, come exactly as you are!

Later Event: September 21
nOMad 300 Hour YTT