How I Found “The Space in Between”

So welcome to The Space in Between…..

you might be asking what is it? what am I supposed to feel, or see, or expect?

and that is just it, there are no right or wrong answers and no expectations.

I explored this idea of The Space in Between for my first TEDx talk earlier this year. I looked back at one of the hardest years of my life, 2013, when I had to deal with the loss of my father, a husband, my home, my pup, and my own health which led to the letting go of the one thing that still held my identity, my job.

I was lost and had nowhere to be and nowhere to go. I was truly living in a space in between.

It took another year between deconstruction and reconstruction of my life in Costa Rica while I tried to figure out how to make sense of everything again.

When I returned to the Hudson Valley, I launched nOMad. The 4 years since then, it was all about moving forward and only looking back to reflect on how to keep momentum moving forward.

There were very little moments of pause.

When I was invited to present the TEDx talk it was another interesting time in my life. I had been moving so fast forward that everything felt as if it was spinning all around me; some really great opportunities came to my door, some loss, some confusion on which way to go next. I kept playing the song “Highspeeds” over and over again, begging myself to slow down in some way.

And I realized I was the only one who had the pause button on my life. I had the choice.

So I chose to slow down over the summer.

I choose to look around and ask…

What do I want in the space with me?

Who are the people I want to share this space?

What passions do I want to feed in that space?

And so I have been making my move within the space again, this space of transition.

You see, The Space in Between is alway here for us to make a choice….

We can choose to stay stuck in our habits that were created in the past,

OR we can choose to keep looking forward to run away from the space,

OR we can chose to to simply to be still, look around

And see all that is here/now that is actually our own creation.

We create this space.

This podcast series is a reminder for all of us.

It came from this place of wanting to share my story and other people’s stories who made some sort of sense in that space in between, or perhaps are still trying to make some sense of it now. I remember in my darkest moments in that space where I felt very alone, I didn’t have anyone I felt I could reach out to, I didn’t believe anyone had ever felt the darkness I had felt before…but then, something shifted. I started sharing my pain, confusion, sadness, and also my strength, hope, dreams, and the spark that got me up in the morning. When I began to share with others, I realized others were there in those spaces too. The hardest part in being caught in that space is to simply remember that we are not alone. We all have been here before and we all have the choice in how we perceive the space, both in the darkness and in the light.

I hope you will join nOMad for these weekly podcasts. Every other week we will share a nOMad’s story about how they found their way through the space in between, both on the micro and macro level in terms of space. And alternating weeks, we will share tools you can use to help you be grounded in your own space in between.

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Let’s journey through the space in between together…


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