New Look, New Beginnings

Hello nOMads!!!

Welcome to our new nOMad site! Funny, as I write this I am on my new computer I had to buy today after my six year old one died last weekend just before our website and podcast launch. It is as if the universe was telling me it was time to begin with a fresh start.

There is a shift happening here now and I am grateful you are a part of it!

We are approaching our 4th anniversary and it feels like for the first time since I began this journey, we have grown some deep roots.

Here are just some of the adventures we have offered these past four years:

  • Hosted 8 yoga retreats in Costa Rica, the Catskills, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bali and next week, Belize!

  • Brought together over 900 Hudson Valley yogis and over 30 yoga studios for our annual Summer Solstice/Series events.

  • Last week, began our 5th teacher training within the past year; including a 200 hr YTT at West Point for cadets and veterans.

  • Hosted an Online Studio for our nOMad members (and now all content will be free for all of you!)

  • Spoke, danced, and sang at TEDx Newburgh this past summer (check in out here!)

It’s been truly been a dream come true in a lot of ways especially through the CONNECTIONS that have been made through nOMad. I could not have done any of this without the numerous people who have been on the journey; from our nOMad senior teachers, Corinna, Samantha, and Juan Carlos to the other numerous yoga teachers, studio owners, all our nOMbassdors, nOMad members, and every person who has ever attended an event. YOU all have made nOMad possible.

With that said, there have been times that I questioned, is it all worth it? There have been many challenging times for me as I rebuilt myself and my personal life within this time and space; I ultimately lost romantic relationships because of my dedication to this mission, I worried for many months if I would be able to pay my own rent, I suffered from a few health scares/issues along the way, and I learned the hard way of not being so generous at times for the sake of mine own well being. I endured all this to design something that doesn't fit into a “yoga studio” box and to CREATE a feeling of home within all the unique experiences we offer. There have been moments I wondered if I do this to prove something to myself but then I see the joy in peoples faces and any expectations for myself fade away.

This past year, many doors have opened for me/nOMad. Because of the curious soul that I am, I have entered and explored most of them.

curious too? peak inside to see what doors are opening in the coming months:

  • The Space in Between: A Podcast Series. nOMad is launching a podcast series! This was inspired by my TEDx talk I presented in Newburgh last June. You can read more about the inspiration here and what you can expect when you tune in to our weekly show.

  • MVT 109. A New Movement Exploration for Healing. Also inspired by my TEDx talk, I came back to my roots of dance. During that time, I remembered how the power of movement in it purest form heals the body and our stories we carry within it. I am still exploring what this movement looks like and how it will be presented. But you can learn more about my ideas and my journey here.

  • TRIBE. Teaching Resilience by Increasing Balance and Endurance. Our West Point 200 hr grads (and now 300 hr trainees) are coming together under my mentorship to offer a yoga curriculum to active duty. Stay tuned for more details soon as this develops.

So now, go and EXPLORE our new site! See what we new experiences are out there waiting for you to tap into.

Here are some highlights of what you will find here now:

  • Om in the Osa. Retreat to Costa Rica. Join me and other nOMads in the dead of winter to become more alive in your own body again. Find out more here. (and sign up soon because spots are limited and are going fast!)

  • More Videos. We are bringing all of our nOMad Online Studio over to this new site! ALL FOR FREE! So keep checking back to practice with your favorite nOMad teachers and take a trip to our past retreat locations. Check out some of the videos here.

  • Local Hudson Valley Events. See what we are offering this fall near you here

  • Our nOMad Journal. Keep visiting our journal here to see what’s is happening in nOMadland.

  • Podcast. Our weekly podcast will share both stories of the space in between and tools for you to use in your space in between. Get the latest episodes here. (and don't forget to subscribe to get them delivered to your favorite podcast app)

Thank you again for being here now. I am grateful to have you on this journey of EXPLORATION, CREATION, AND CONNECTION.

With grace, let’s continue this journey OM…